Nutrients Make Your Cannabis Grow Faster—Here’s How

Nutrients Make Your Cannabis Grow Faster—Here’s How

When growing cannabis, the nutrients you use play a considerable role in cannabis sustainability. Elements from the earth can help cannabis plants grow from seed to harvest.

The most sustainable nutrients are made from earthly components introduced through the soil. Here are some nutrients that can make your cannabis grow faster and fuller.


The primary macronutrients in plant nutrition focus primarily on nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, creating the acronym “NPK.” NPK is necessary for growing healthy, bountiful cannabis plants, making them strong for harvest.


Nitrogen plays a crucial role in chlorophyll and is vital to photosynthesis. Plant tissues mostly contain nitrogen, making it easy to see signs of deficiency when absent. Nitrogen must be available in the soil or growing mediums for feeding and growth.


Cannabis relies on phosphorus through all phases of development. It acts as a stimulant to support crucial biological responses, such as photosynthesis, nutrient uptake, and metabolism.


While potassium isn’t very prominent in plant tissue, it interacts with nitrogen and participates in the compound of amino acids and proteins. Through drought periods, it provides resistance and strength to plant tissues. Furthermore, potassium works alongside phosphorus to improve strength and resistance to the root structure.

Secondary Macronutrients

Along with basic macronutrients, there are secondary macronutrients to help cannabis grow faster. These include calcium, magnesium, and sulfur.


Calcium is a powerful macronutrient needed through all growth phases and provides many functions. It improves nutrient shifting and is crucial for nutrient absorption. Calcium also strengthens the cell walls in all plant areas and benefits overall health. It also provides resistance against diseases and pests and protects plants from heat stress.


Magnesium is an essential secondary nutrient as it provides support through all stages of cannabis growth. It’s primarily present in the leaves, impacting the plant’s ability to create sugars and carbohydrates and absorb light. Additionally, magnesium is crucial for turning light into energy.


Although cannabis doesn’t require as much of it, sulfur plays a considerable role in growth. It aids in chlorophyll production, acting as a component of proteins and amino acids and boosting plant resistance. Furthermore, it helps promote root growth, enhances plant metabolism, and supports water and nutrient absorption.

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Mar 13th 2023 JB

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