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Commercial Customers

 When it comes to commercial agriculture we understand what it takes to grow a profit. We supply and consult commercial farmers in New Jersey whether it be vegetables, hemp or cannabis. Some grow organically in soil outdoors while others grow hydroponically indoors. Consultation can cover the basics or get creative. From seed to sold we’ll guide you through each step of the process.

We consult for major corporations in New Jersey, specifically in research experiments which we use to determine which products work best. We then explain what they can expect with certain growing styles and supplements. Long gone are the days of “use this product, its gonna work great!” in the Ag industry. We rely on first hand experiences and raw data.

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Residential Services


We get it, not everyone has time to figure out how to start growing, which products they’ll need, and how to use/set up their system. That’s why we offer one on one consultation to help get you growing.  We’ll save you from over spending by guiding you through all the steps and work within your set budget, big or small.

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We work hard for our 5 star rating. But don’t take our word it. Go straight to our google reviews page and see for yourself.


Debi - 5 Star Google Review

“Great store for Gardners from novice to experienced! Owner has tons of knowledge on products and techniques. Very helpful and most importantly? Not at all pushy on sales. Just happy to answer questions, take time and guide you. Very pleased!”

Axel - 5 Star Google Review

“Took the hydroponics 101. Wealth of knowledge provided by these guys. They have everything you need to get started on growing your herbs, fruits and veggies!! I’ll be coming back for another class and more equipment!”

James Degraff - 5 Star Google Review

“Super friendly and inviting atmosphere. Doug is more than willing to answer any and all questions as he is very knowledgeable in all aspects of hydroponics and in growing plants in general. I came in for some supplies to set up a system that was given to me as a project for work and he was there to immediately help me. He got me set up with everything I needed and even responded to an email at 10pm to answer a question I had. The classes that are offered are very informative. Let’s just say that I won’t be going anywhere else for any of my hydroponic needs and that I feel like I am part of this new growing community.”

Shawn Wood - 5 Star Google Review

“It can be easy to feel intimidated when you walk into a store and are a newbie to starting an indoor garden. The owners really take the time to walk you through methods that you are interested in. They also give you honest and great feedback. I was about to make a rookie mistake and purchase something that I could do without. Doug mentioned I would not need that product for my use case. I honestly don’t think that would happen if I was at any other store. You won’t find another shop that takes more pride in there craft and always puts the customer first. Highly recommended and I believe this is the first review of any store I have ever left, if that means anything.”

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Free Class Schedule

The last Thursday of every month we offer free classes. Topics cover all aspects of growing, including soil, hydroponics, aquaponics, or aeroponics. Classes range from beginner through advanced and are typically one hour long.

Learning Center

This is our way of helping growers on common things like cloning, pest management and germinating. Our favorite part of the blog is the #GrowFamilyGrowTips sourced from actual customers for being tried and true methods.

Ask A Grower

Dealing with deficiencies? pH driving you nuts?

Shoot us an email describing the your plants’ symptoms and we’ll do our best to help you find a solution. 


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