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3mm Drip Tubing (Blumat, Grey) per foot

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  • 3mm Drip Tubing (Blumat, Grey) per foot
  • 3mm Drip Tubing (Blumat, Grey) per foot


  • BLUMAT READY - This 3mm drip tubing readily integrates with blumats, and attaches to included tees!
  • BLUSOAK/DISTRIBUTION DRIPPERS - This tubing will integrate drippers and/or tape to blumat systems!
  • HIGH QUALITY - Made of silicone and extremely durable, this pliable tubing is easy to work with!
  • RARE 3MM SIZING - Order from us -- your local hardware store won't have this unique size!
  • DISCRETE - Gray-brown color blends in easily with soil and planters--no need for unsightly tubing!
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