AC Infinity A6 Cloudray Fan Review

AC Infinity A6 Cloudray Fan Review

In this video, Doug does a nice breakdown of AC Infinity's new Cloudray A6 Clip Fan, its features, and what makes it a great addition to any tent grow. From the innovative clip design, speed settings and more, you'll get an in-depth look at what sets the Cloudray apart from other clip fans. Clip fans may not be as vital as a proper grow light or inline exhaust fan, but its the details that often make a grow fantastic, both in end result and ease of use.

0:56-1:10; This is where you see what comes in the box as a consumer. Showing the contents of what you are getting when you buy a Cloudray fan, how its packaged, all that good stuff!

1:10-2:40; This features one of the best features of the fan, that being the clip attachment that adheres to a grow tent's poles. Unlike traditional clips that resemble chip clips, this is designed to fit around a round pole with ease. It also allows the fan to be in front of the pole, rather than adjacent as done traditionally. For those who have used clip fans in the past, you know how annoying clip fans were to install initially. And for those who haven't; skip knowing that pain and grab something designed to eliminate that issue. 

2:50-4:10; Doug then goes into depth about the 10 speed settings the fan has, and discussing how certain settings work for certain grow size parameters. For example, small 2x2 grows may never need to go beyond a low setting such as 3 due to their small area to cover. Having this variety means the fan can grow with you, from your small first grow to expanding to larger sizes, this fan can suit your varying needs. Doug also displays how to install the fan on a pole, showing how easy the setup is.

4:20-End; The last portion is when the AC Infinity Universal Infinity System is introduced and explained. In essence, one controller can regulate several key aspects of your grow, such as inline fan for temperature/humidity control, clip fan for airflow, light schedules and more. Automation makes your grow that much easier, as human error is always a factor, and eliminating that in some aspects give you more time to control others areas of your grow!

Check out the video for more details, and a visual of all of the points mentioned earlier. Subscribe to our Youtube channel for more videos like this! If tech details are what you're after, follow this link for more.

Aug 18th 2022 JB

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