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A Brief Guide to Choosing the Right Cannabis Grow Light

A Brief Guide to Choosing the Right Cannabis Grow Light

Are you looking to find the right cannabis light for your hydroponic garden? Here’s our guide to choosing the right cannabis grow light for your at-home station.

Grow Light Factors To Consider

There are a couple of different types of grow lights to choose from for your cannabis garden, from fluorescent to HID and LED.

Fluorescent Grow Lights

Firstly, fluorescent grow lights come in two types. CFLs work well for odd-shaped or short spaces, especially in cold environments, and T5 grow lights lay flat with a reflector to point light downward. CFLs are popular stealth grow lights for growing cannabis, while T5 grow lights promote healthy cannabis seedling growth.

HID and LED Grow Lights

Next, we have two types of HID bulbs: MH/HPS combo bulbs and LEC lights. MH/HPS bulbs can support cannabis through various stages of life. MH helps through the vegetative stage, and HPS bulbs support the flowering and budding periods.

LEC bulbs help produce more cannabis trichomes and smalls than other grow lights, making them the ideal choice for growers who want to make weed extracts. Lastly, LED grow lights produce high-quality cannabis using less electricity and heat, making most cannabis home growers pleased with their cannabis production.

Pick the Right Grow Light Model

Now that you know more about the types of cannabis grow lights, it’s time to choose the right model to promote a bountiful harvest. For short spaces under four feet, small LEDs and fluorescent lights under 200W are best, while medium to tall areas five feet or more require HIDs and LEDs.

You also want to consider your cannabis’ natural environment. You want to determine airflow, window and AC location, natural temperatures, and humidity. For colder rooms, you can use a bulb light like fluorescent CFLs and T5s or HIDs like LECs and MH/HPSs. Regular temperature rooms don’t limit cannabis growth, so LEDs offer flexibility to home growers. Lastly, LEDs work perfectly in hot environments, emitting little to no heat.

We at Shore Grow carry hydroponic cannabis growing supplies so that you can get the best yield out of your harvest. We help enthusiastic growers grow healthy, prosperous cannabis with effective nutrients, light, and other growing supplies from start to finish. Our full spectrum LED grow lights offer dimmable features to help you achieve the highest growth rates throughout each plant stage. They’re easy for beginners to use and help cannabis plants grow to their fullest potential. If you have any questions about our hydroponic cannabis products, contact us today.

May 2nd 2023 JB

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