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What Are the Best Companion Plants for Cannabis?

What Are the Best Companion Plants for Cannabis?

Cultivating crops isn’t an easy feat; it requires thoughtful attention and care. If you’re an avid cannabis grower, it’s time to improve your practices with companion plants.

Companion planting means growing different plants together for mutual benefits such as pest control, pollination, and providing homes for helpful insects. It also helps in using space efficiently and boosting garden health.

Read on to learn which herbs and flowers are the best companion plants for cannabis. Whether you’re growing in a soil-based or hydroponic garden, these companions will establish a balanced ecosystem.


Yarrow is an excellent companion plant popular for attracting beneficial insects such as ladybugs, which regulate pests such as aphids. Growing yarrow nearby can enhance the natural defense mechanisms of your cannabis plants, promoting healthier growth and a more resilient garden.


Peppermint’s strong scent makes it a powerful ally in repelling unwanted pests. It’s particularly effective against spider mites, a common menace to cannabis plants. Incorporating peppermint into your hydroponic setup can help you maintain a pest-free environment.


Alfalfa isn’t just beneficial for soil-based gardens; it’s also a fantastic companion in hydroponic systems. It secretes a chemical that promotes vigorous growth and greater yields in cannabis. Furthermore, alfalfa can help in the management of fungal diseases, protecting your plants from potential threats lurking in the hydroponic environment.


Marigolds are well-regarded for their pest-repelling qualities. They’re typically celebrated for guarding soil gardens against nematodes, but in hydroponic setups, they can deter various pests and even control root rot with their antimicrobial properties. Integrating marigolds into your system can add a layer of protection for your cannabis.


These towering beauties can play a supportive role in your hydroponic garden by acting as natural trellises for climbing plants. Additionally, sunflowers attract pollinators and beneficial insects, which can inadvertently benefit cannabis plants by ensuring a balanced ecosystem, even in an indoor garden.


With its tall, slender stems and aromatic leaves, dill is a magnet for beneficial insects, especially wasps. Wasps are surprisingly advantageous for cannabis, as they serve as natural pest control. By strategically planting dill close to your cannabis cultivation area, you can create a symbiotic environment for a healthier, balanced ecosystem.


The strong, pleasant aroma that chamomile produces isn’t what makes it a distinguished cannabis companion. Chamomile is an herb that boosts plants’ immunity so that they’re more resilient against common fungal infections. It will significantly enhance the vitality of your entire garden.

Incorporating the best cannabis plant companions in tandem with the proper hydroponics grow equipment will yield incredible results. Seek all the supplies you need for a suitable grow room with Shore Grow.

May 10th 2024

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