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5 Tools You Need To Grow Cannabis Like a Pro

5 Tools You Need To Grow Cannabis Like a Pro

Growing cannabis takes considerable effort and trial and error to find the perfect equipment for the job. To help, here are five tools you need to grow cannabis like a pro.

pH Meters

A pH meter is actually quite important for growing cannabis. Cannabis cultivation requires a soil pH of 6.0–6.5 or 5.8–6.3 pH for coco or hydro cultivation. A pH pen can also help with taking direct readings at a moment’s notice, making for a reusable and inexpensive tool for growing cannabis.


One of the essential pieces of equipment for growing cannabis you’ll need is a thermo-hygrometer. Growing cannabis requires accurate data and temperature logging, and thermo-hygrometers help create the perfect microclimate. Moreover, you can find thermo-hygrometers that offer temperature and RH readings on easy-to-read LCD screens.

LED Lighting

When you’re an amateur cannabis cultivator, LED lighting systems are one of the most helpful tools for harvest and growth. It’s useful for monitoring development, producing less heat, and helping you save on cooling and airflow costs. Moreover, finding a magnifying glass with LED lighting can help get an up-close look at trichomes that indicate ideal harvest time.

Eye Protection

When you’re working for hours with indoor LED and HPS lighting, the lighting spectrum can do a considerable amount of damage to your eyes. Wearing the appropriate eye protection will allow you to work while providing a stylish protective barrier for your eyes. You’ll be able to more easily detect any abnormalities, diseases, or pests lingering on your plants.

Trimming Scissors

Maintaining and keeping your cannabis healthy is crucial. One tool to grow cannabis like a pro is trimming scissors, which can help between yielding and defoliation periods. When harvest time rolls around, owning a pair of trimming scissors with long, thin, sharp blades will help you comfortably trim everything with accuracy and finesse.

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Jan 10th 2023 JB

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