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Nectar for the Gods

SLF-100 Quart

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SLF-100 is a 100% organic and OMRI listed enzymatic formula with over 18 years of proven success, and it's compatible with all nutrients, fertilizers, rooting compounds as well as H202.

SLF-100 works to keep your system running by eliminating any gunk or toxic build-up. Designed to break out salts, SLF-100 keeps solids from building up on your topsoil. This cleansing formula is particularly efficient in clone machines, aeroponic and hydroponic systems, and can also be used with soilless media.

SLF-100 is unique because it works to break down any bone meal type product, especially Nectar for the Gods Herculean Harvest, making nutrients more immediately assimilable for your plants. With SLF-100 your bone meal product will work just as a chemical nutrient with all of the benefits of a completely gentle organic nutrient. Effective during all phases of the growing cycle, SLF-100 is PH neutral in its concentrated form, and contains no NPK or added sugars.

Mix: 1 tsp per gallon of water. Apply thoroughly once a week. Hydro: 1/2 tsp per gallon of water. Apply after feeding/changeout. Flush: Up to 3x recommended rate for immediate break out. Apply thoroughly once a day for three days.

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