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DYNOMYCO Large Pouch

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Optimize Your Nutrient Uptake

DYNOMYCO improves plant nutrient, mineral and water uptake, which translates to: healthier plants and higher yields!

Mycorrhizal Inoculants

Increases Yields and Improves Root & Plant Nutrient Uptake

DYNOMYCO effectively inoculates plants with vigorous endomycorrhizal fungi. Mycorrhizae improve plant nutrient uptake, which translates to healthier, more resilient plants, higher quality, and higher yields!

Six Sizes Available

DYNOMYCO is available in six sizes, for convenient use at home or on your farm. DYNOMYCO contains 900 propagules per gram of Glomus intraradices (A.K.A. Rhizophagus intraradices) and Glomus mosseae (A.K.A. Funneliformis mosseae). This high potency ensures effective inoculation and results that you will see!

Why use Dynomyco?

Support Plant Health

DYNOMYCO mycorrhizal inoculants will protect your plants from environmental stress and allow them to thrive in various growing conditions.

Improve Plant Nutrient Uptake

DYNOMYCOs beneficial fungi help your plant absorb more nutrients. The fungi latch onto the plant roots and effectively extend them to access nutrients otherwise unavailable to the plant.

Grounded In Science

DYNOMYCO is based on thirty years of research, by a team of agronomists and plant and soil experts. We understand mycorrhizal fungi and the great impact they have on plants, which are considered obligate mycotrophs.

Maximize Plant Potential

DYNOMYCO is highly-concentrated, containing large amounts of endomycorrhizal propagules which help your plants realize their full potential in terms of yields and overall plant health.

What is Mycorrhizae?

Mycorrhiza is a symbiotic relationship between fungi and plants. The microscopic fungi latch onto plant roots and extend them in an underground web. This symbiosis helps the plant access nutrients and water that would otherwise be unavailable.

Application Instructions

  • Upon initial planting of seeds, clones or seedlings, use 1 tsp of DYNOMYCO per pint (10.5 g/L) of growing media. Mix DYNOMYCO uniformly into the growing media before planting.
  • Upon transplantation into larger containers, apply DYNOMYCO at a rate of 1 tsp/gal (1.3 g/L), either mixed in growing media or spread in bottom and sides of planting hole
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