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Gathering Of The Growers 2018

Gathering Of The Growers 2018

Our First Annual "Gathering of the Growers"

For our one year anniversary we had a 6 hour event filled with raffles ($2,800 in Giveaways), food, vendors, and some good ol' good times. We had a huge turnout with some incredibly experienced growers from different states come out and talk grow. Made for a great day, wouldn't of had it any other way.

A special thank you, from us, to everyone from the #GrowFamily that came out in support. Not just for the event but everyone that shopped with us in the last year. Were just wrapping up 2018 and starting to look forward to 2019 because the #growingfamily #growsstrong. Next year the family will be HUGE. Thanks Everyone.

Nov 12th 2018 Doug

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