AC Infinity Cloudcom B1 Review

AC Infinity Cloudcom B1 Review

In this blog, we go in depth with the AC Infinity Cloudcom B1, how to use it, why data collection is vital for every grow, and more!

0:40-2:00; In this portion, Doug explains why data collection is so crucial, in terms of environmental conditions. In a nutshell, you can record temperatures and humidity at which your plants are thriving, as well as the conditions they are not looking too pleased. This can help you dial in exactly where you want your environment to be, especially when using the same cut/clone. 

2:00-5:30 This is the meat and potatoes of the video. Doug breaks down what you get in the box for the B1, which has more features than its smaller counterpart. The Cloudcom B1 can read and data log two separate environments, which is one more than the smaller version. Using probes, and a downloadable app, this device will read your environmental conditions, and send them to the app wirelessly. This means you can not only monitor, but data log two different environments with one device! The V1 only allows for one environment

Essentially that is the review, to get more details, please watch the video and subscribe to our Youtube account for more content like this! For more product and tech details, follow this link.

Aug 18th 2022 JB

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