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Shore Grow Beenie

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Be the envy of all your friends! Gucci? Supreme? All falter at the mere presence of a Shore Grow Beanie! Great for any occasion; working in the garden, weddings, pool parties, zip lining, and any other activity enhanced by headwear! A luscious, deep green complimented by Shore Grow's logo, telling the entirety of the world that you are not only a connoisseur of grow shops, but also possess an unparalleled sense of fashion. This beanie also says "We Help You Grow" on the backside, because one sided beanies are so 2021. One size fits most, this hat accepts you head with open arms, ready to adorn you to life's pleasures beyond your current understanding. It's more than a hat, no no, this is a Shore Grow Beanie.

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