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power veg 460 4'

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  • power veg 460 4'
  • power veg 460 4'


Bridging the Gap

The PowerVEG 460 provides an extra punch of blue light helping transition your plants from veg to flowering.


Disclaimer: Product shown as fully lit. PowerVEG appears white when not lit.
The 460 can be used in any existing T5, 54 watt, HO (high output) lighting. fixture.

Available in 4 foot and 2 foot options.

Completing the spectrum

The name “460” references the area of the light spectrum produced by this lamp. The PowerVEG 460 Fluorescent grow light helps indoor gardeners bridge the gap between the vegetative and flowering stages. With the PowerVEG 460, your plants’ responses are at their fullest at all times, leading to stronger root growth, compact plants, and extremely short intermodal spacing.


Here are some other benefits of the PowerVEG 460:

  • Chlorophyll B is absorbed strongly at 460 nm
  • Stomatal opening (feeding tube of plant) is 10 times greater than red light
  • Carotenoids absorb light at a high rate at 460 nm (Protects the plant from free radicals)
  • Widens the available blue light spectrum when combined with the 420 and FS+UV. This combination keeps plants extremely compact with very short internodal spacing.

The PowerVEG 460 is just one member of the PowerVEG family. For best results, combine the PowerVEG 460 with the FS+UV, 420, 633 and 660 grow lamps and create your own custom spectrum for your garden.

PowerVEG Family


PowerVEG T5 offers five different products that can be used in conjunction to create specific spectrums of light. The base PowerVEG lamp you will use in all formulas is the FS+UV (Full Spectrum + Ultra Violet). The FS+UV provides the spectral foundation when adding the other spectrums because it produces a consistent full spectrum of light as well as a safe level of UV, which is essential to to growing indoors.

Combining the two blue PowerVEG lights (420 & 460) with the FS+UV produces a powerful spectrum targeting early stages of plant growth.

Paring the two red PowerVEG lights (633 & 660) with the FS+UV produces the best flowering spectrum of any fluorescent grow light available today.

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