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Kushie Kush 250ml

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Growing kush is not just about maximizing the yield and producing many buds, but it is also about the quality of the buds your plant is producing. Different plants have different needs. Kush varieties are not like any other plant. It needs specific feeding requirements to achieve its full genetic potential.

 Advanced Nutrients Kushie Kush is a product specially formulated by experts after many years of research and understanding the growth behavior of thousands of kush varieties. This product is best given to kush, which is for medical use.

 A distinct nutrient requirement for this type of plant variety is needed to make the kush medically potent because a generic bloom booster is not enough to produce bigger, thicker, and denser buds. That is the reason why Advanced Nutrients Kushie Kush is created to optimize the genetic potential of your kush.

 To give growers the best quality yield, a kush-specific solution is required. Using such a solution will also result in thicker and denser buds and more flavorful and aromatic kush than others grown without this potent cocktail.

 Advanced Nutrients Kushie Kush helps plants absorb the right amount of phosphorus and potassium, which are considered macronutrients. As a result, the plant consumes these nutrients in large quantities for its overall growth.

 However, too much phosphorus and potassium absorption in the soil will prevent plants from taking in important micronutrients that are also equally important components for plant growth. This will result in stunted growth and weaker stalks or stems. Using Advanced Nutrients Kushie Kush is the best option to ensure that only the right amount of phosphorus and potassium are absorbed by the plants.

 This product also contains algae extracts that are important components during the flowering stage of the plant. This is the formula that serious kush growers have been waiting for.

 Furthermore, the product is very easy to use. Apply this to your plants once a week from the first week until the sixth week of the blooming phase by mixing 2mL for every liter of water.

 The brand makes sure not to include any banned growth regulators such as paclobutrazol and daminozide on any of their products, so its safety and eligibility for plant care are guaranteed

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