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Coast Of Maine

Coast of Maine Earthworm Castings 8qt

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  • Coast of Maine Earthworm Castings 8qt
  • Coast of Maine Earthworm Castings 8qt


Welcome to organic gardening made easy! Coast of Maine Organic Products offers what we believe are the most unique and effective organic gardening products available. Our organically approved, compost-based soils, enriching mulches, soil supplements and liquid fertilizers are designed to enhance and support healthy soil biology. We compost residuals sourced locally in Maine and New Brunswick, such as shellfish (lobster & crab), mussels, seaweed, salmon, wild blueberries, and cow manure. Like experienced chefs using the Maine environment as their oven, our staff works tirelessly to ensure each batch of compost meets the rigorous quality standards required of organic growers. Thank you for your interest in our products. Your plants are going to love them!

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Wiscasset Blend Earthworm Castings

Uses: Soil conditioning, top dress indoor houseplants or container plants, compost tea

Coast of Maine Organic Wiscasset Blend, Earthworm Castings is a rich blend of the digested soil left behind by earthworms. Naturally rich in microbial life, this odorless, coffee ground-like textured soil helps convert the nutrients already present in your soil into a more plant-available form. They are produced by earthworms fed a variety of peat and paper sources, grains and rock dusts with inoculums to promote biological diversity. Wiscasset Blend is designed to improve root growth and structure and enrich your soil with micro-organisms. When used in the garden it may also help attract deep-burrowing earthworms already present in the soil.

Great to top dress houseplants, or brew into a compost tea!

Available in 8 quart bags.

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Why Worm Castings?

Earthworms have long been known to be beneficial to the ecosystem in a garden. They aerate the soil, assist plants with rooting and drainage, feed on plant debris, and in-turn, produce a beautiful soil conditioner teeming with microbial life!

Odorless and finely textured, they can be added to plants as a top-dressing, or fed as a compost tea. They will quickly stimulate plant growth, and provide a boost of microbial nutrition!

Benefits of earthworms in your garden

  • Nutrient and carbon cycling increases nutrient availability to plants
  • Improves soil aggregation, and aeration
  • Assist plants with rooting and drainage
  • Break down dead roots/leaves etc into organic matter
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