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CANNA Terra Flores 1L

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CANNA Terra Flores is used during the flowering stage of a plant's life cycle. Terra Flores contains all the nutritional elements a plant needs, which is directly available in the correct proportions during the critical, prolific flowering phase. Terra Flores contains all these nutritional elements. The plant's need for nitrogen diminishes just as their need for potassium and phosphorous greatly increases during the flowering phase. In order to accommodate these changing circumstances Terra Flores has the correct proportions of all the needed elements, to meet the plants' requirements, and thereby insures flowering success.

Since their introduction, CANNA Terra Vega & CANNA Terra Flores have become the most used nutrients worldwide for cultivating short cycle, fast growing plants in mineral soils and improved soiless mixes. CANNA TERRA composition has been adjusted to suit these type of plants needs. Terra Vega and Terra Flores contain all the nutrients a plant needs in a form that can be absorbed directly. Optimal uptake of nutrients is guaranteed from the start.

Terra Flores works universally, and is suitable for use with all types of pre-fertilized mineral soils and peat based potting mixes.

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