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Annihilation 125ml

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Annihilation is an all-natural pesticide formulated from essential oils and a proprietary emulsification technology that can be used as a curative or a preventative at any stage. Annihilation renders eggs, juveniles, and adult forms of soft-bodied insects ineffective. Annihilation wards off powder mold making it your plants best friend. This product makes 5-20 gallons of ready-to-use pesticide.

  • Contact Killer – Annihilation is a contact killer safely killing pests and mold without harming your plants or the planet. Annihilation kills pests on contact at full strength and at reduced strength will be annihilated within 24/48 hours.
  • 25B Exempt- The formulation of  Annihilation is 25b exempt.

  • Easy-To-Use – Simple and Easy to use, just dilute to the appropriate ratio, wear basic ppm for spray techs and apply liberally.


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