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AC Infinity Zipper

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  • AC Infinity Zipper
  • AC Infinity Zipper
  • AC Infinity Zipper
  • AC Infinity Zipper
  • AC Infinity Zipper


Product Description

A set of adhesive zippers designed to create openings for quick access between rooms partitioned by plastic sheets. Typically used on job sites but is also applicable in settings like grow rooms and greenhouses. Each nylon strip is capable of withstanding high temperatures to stick onto surfaces like tarps, poly film, and vinyl sheets. It can also create air and watertight seals that provide broad protection from dust and debris while also trapping humidity. The jam proof SBS zippers have double-sided pull tabs to allow entry from either side as alternate entry or exit points.


This peel and stick zipper set is used to create dual entryways for a variety of settings like grow rooms, greenhouses, and job sites. Apply it onto plastic sheeting like tarps, poly film, and vinyl for remodeling and paint jobs to keep debris contained in home projects. It can also be used with panda film to reduce light leaks and keep humidity and odors from escaping in growing applications.

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