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Learn 2GROW Series: Propagation 101, Topic: Germinating Seeds

Learn 2GROW Series: Propagation 101, Topic: Germinating Seeds

    Information posted here was taken from our most recent (free) grow class Propagation 101.

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    Germinating Seeds; A quick breakdown.

    There are two things to really consider when germinating seeds either for hydroponic or soil cultivation.

Temperature & Moisture

This is important because it is way seeds know when its time to "rise and shine." If you think about it Momma plant makes her seeds so that way when she dies in the winter the seeds fall into the ground where they wait till two things happen.

1. When the temperature rises (in the spring)

2. It rains "April showers bring May flowers"

Those two conditions are what heats and wets the soil, telling the baby seed its time to grow. Its as simple as that. The most common bigger mistake is after the seed germinates, either adding two much water or not having enough.

In the first week after successfully "popping" the seed it is critical that you maintain a moist media, not wet. The type of media you are using isn't nearly as important. Rock wool for hydro or soil in small cups, to each is own. 

This is important because baby plants do not have a lot of foliage to store water in, so if they dry up, even for an hour, chances are they will not make it.

This is why humidity domes, cut kit trays, and heating mats are critical for high success. Having a light over your humidity dome is going to make a HUGE difference too. The plants will not start off stretchy or lanky if you have a grow light (ideally a 2' fluorescent light) 6-10" above the seedlings.

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Oct 17th 2019

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