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5 Benefits of Adding a Conditioner to Cannabis Soil

5 Benefits of Adding a Conditioner to Cannabis Soil

Promoting healthy, bountiful cannabis doesn’t stop at sunlight and watering. So, here are some benefits of adding a conditioner to cannabis soil for optimal yields and healthy cannabis.

Increases Flavor, Terpenes, and Oils

Cannabis terpenes consist of naturally occurring chemical compounds that result in different flavors, colors, and aromas. Terpenes also promote specific tastes and smells in various cannabis strains. Soil conditioners can help release terpenes and essential oils that contribute to multiple flavonoids, which are key in developing potent aromas and delightful flavors.

Boosts Nutrient Uptake

Cannabis plants consist of a fibrous root system that helps take in nutrients. Furthermore, they quickly and effortlessly access nutrients in the uppermost soil layer. Cannabis soil conditioner contains beneficial microorganisms that aid in maximizing plant nutrient uptake and keeps the nutrients in the soil for a long time.

Promotes Healthy Cannabis Plants

Photosynthesis helps plants naturally produce exudates, which are chemicals that secrete through roots. These exudates allow plants to attract many types of beneficial bacteria that aid them throughout their growth cycle. When adding soil conditioner to cannabis, the good bacteria engulf the roots, creating a barrier to invasive disease-causing organisms that can harm the plants.

Beneficial Microbe Profile

Cannabis is a host to various beneficial microbial bacteria inside their seeds, organs, and tissues that contribute to plant growth, defend against pathogens, facilitate nutrient uptake, and aid in producing secondary metabolites.

A benefit of adding conditioner to cannabis soil is the microbe profile that aids in optimal development and plant growth. Because microbes convert and consume exudates, chemical and organic matter compounds into helpful nutrients at the base of the soil food web to create healthier plants.

Increases Plant Yield

Plant yield refers to the amount of plant crops harvested in the area at a given time. Cannabis soil conditioners can increase the cannabis yield and promote growth. Specific brands, such as Fish Head Farms’ “Fish Sh!t,” can increase plant production by upwards of 20 percent, resulting in higher yield rates.

Shore Grow offers high-quality, effective hydroponic cannabis growing products and supplies for optimal yields and heightened flavor. We provide Fish Head Farms soil conditioner products, including the well-regarded “Fish Sh!t” soil conditioner that promotes plant yields, improved microbe profiles, nutrient uptake, and more. If you want to add our cannabis station products and supplies to your indoor growing facility, contact us today.

Jun 16th 2023 JB

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