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OG Organics BigMike’s OG Tea — Enrich Your Garden with Premium, Plant-Potentiating Compost Derivatives



So you’re thinking about adding a compost tea to your garden’s feeding program.

You’ve made a good choice.

For many growers, an all-natural brew is a tried-and-true way to cultivate a healthy, vigorous crop that produces big yields.

And with the right tea, your crops will soak up a world of benefits.

They typically smell better and taste better…

They can soften the effects of conventional feeding programs…

And their unique plant-potentiating properties can help you to grow world-class crops.

Now, before you go out sourcing local compost, it’s important to understand…



Most Home Brewed Teas Alone Won’t Cut It!



And most of them are lacking in the nuances needed to unleash vigorous growth.

Simply put, they don’t have the powerful chelation, bioavailability, or precise measurements of elements to create the optimal conditions your plants need to thrive.

Because here’s the thing…

With a ‘DIY’ approach to teas, you’ll likely run into the following challenges:

  • A short-shelf life could cause your tea to spoil fast, sending you—and your wallet—back to buy more on lightning-quick repeat.
  • The formula is hazy… And you never know exactly how pure they are.
  • They may lack the most essential ingredients, and could even be nothing but a cocktail of cheap microbes that negate each other’s benefits.

What’s more, you also have to consider…



The Obstacles of Organic!



See, the word “organic” alone can be a tricky one.

A lot of companies claim to be organic when they’re not.

And even if you use legitimate organic fertilizer, you’ll probably experience some unpleasant side effects.

They either…

  • Clog up your growing systems and filters, turning into a nasty sludge that breeds fungus gnats and other unsightly creatures
  • Contain the wrong ratio of nutrients, either overloading your plants and causing nutrient burn or depriving them and creating deficiencies
  • Don’t mix well with non-organic fertilizers
  • Smell like garbage, turning an otherwise aromatic garden into a cesspit of raw sewage

Now, does that mean you should avoid organic teas altogether?

Absolutely not.

Because with the right additive, these natural brews can help you…



Build a Resilient, Bountiful Garden



See, a good additive will introduce nutrients and create the ideal conditions to support beneficial natural microbes into your rhizosphere, boosting your garden with an abundance of plant-potentiating ingredients.

No doubt, growers using top-grade compost teas can realize whopping yields of high-potency, fragrant flowers.

And when it comes to all-natural brews, nothing adds value to your crop like OG Organics BigMike’s OG Tea.

In fact, it works so well that…



Growers in 107 Countries Depend on OG Organics BigMike’s OG Tea to Unlock Their Plants’ Potential



Our team of experts went to great lengths to source only the highest-grade, all-organic ingredients for this Advanced Nutrients super tea.

For starters, this CDFA-OIM and OMRI-certified fertilizer can be used for organic cultivation.

So you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing you’re feeding your plants an exclusive menu of pure, all-natural ingredients known to enrich their taste and vigor.

What’s more, OG Organics BigMike’s OG Tea features the optimal ratio of nutrients, complementing your traditional NPK base withOUT causing nutrient burn.

Simply put, it’s…



The Premium Super Tea Used By the Top Organic Growers on the Planet



You’re getting…

  • Fish protein hydrolysate and soy protein hydrolysate . . . Together, they provide a rich assortment of bioavailable elements, providing ideal conditions to support your plants in constructing an optimal framework for growing and flowering
  • Fractionated alfalfa extract . . . An often overlooked but highly effective ingredient to created perfect conditions for chlorophyll production, so your plants can absorb more CO2 for optimal photosynthesis

And between the fractionated alfalfa extract, fish emulsion, bat guano, and earthworm castings, you’ll also benefit from…

  • A wide range of vitamins to support smooth growth processes
  • Optimal ratios of essential nutrients . . . withOUT overloading your crops and causing nutrient burn
  • complete mineral portfolio that creates conditions to help increase cell strength for vigorous vegetative and flowering growth

And the tea gradually releases nutrients, ensuring they remain available for uptake throughout the entire crop cycle.

Imagine how incredible it’ll feel when you feed your crops the best that Mother Nature has to offer, and they reward you with the kind of swelling canopies of lush green flowers few growers will ever achieve.

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