Residential Jobs

From simple add-ons to complete design and install, we can optimize your indoor or outdoor grows.


3D Printing

Being able to produce custom parts is priceless when it comes to fabricating and building. It saves us a lot of time and thus you a lot of money.



Weekly maintenance is a service we offer for customers at an affordable rate. 



After visiting your garden we’ll be able to guide you to the path of production.



Don’t want to lift a finger? You don’t have to.  We’ll take care of everything. After installing we’ll teach you how to operate the system one on one.  

We Work…

Smarter not harder.


Wondering how to convert a small room in your house into a grow room?  We can break down the cost and labor for you. For an additional charge we can make 3D digital diagrams of how it will look after installed. This way you’ll know how to install it yourself, or how it’ll look after we install it for you.

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Complete Tent Install

When this customer came to us he said “I want to you to install a complete set up for me and my daughter to grow organic veggies all year long.” We told him, give us a budget and say no more. Once we finalized the costs we asked him to start germinating seeds because in a couple of weeks we’d have his system installed and fully operational.



Greenhouse Lighting Install

During the winter months even heated greenhouses slow down due to lack of available daylight hours. So to compensate we installed HPS fixtures that will heat and light his greenhouse during the coldest of months. They are all dimmable/programmable for complete control and mounted from a metal strut frame we fabricated to his greenhouse.

Bluelab Monitor Install

 This customer got tired of wondering what his pH and EC were on his Tower Garden. He had us install this monitor so all he had to do was shoot a quick glance at his system. The monitor also tells the customer when any set parameters are exceeded, warning him when the solution needs to be adjusted.

Automated pH Control

This customer was having a hard time balancing his gardens pH, his job, and family. We suggested and installed this pH controller for him so he’d never have to worry about it again. The only real labor after installation associated with this product is cleaning and calibrating the probes once a month. We like Bluelab for their ease of use, accuracy, and dependability. 

Now he never has to wonder about his pH swaying out of the ideal range.

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