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  • CMMNJ Donation




A donation to one of the pioneers of the MMJ movement in New Jersey. 100% of proceeds will go directly to CMMNJ.


CMMNJ is a coalition dedicated to bridging the gap between New Jersey lawmakers, and the medical patients in New Jersey's needs when it comes to plant medicine. Ken Wolski and his team have worked tirelessly to ensure basic patient rights in New Jersey, and continue to strive to make plant medicine clean, and accessible for the patients that need it. We will be hosting an event to further help Ken collect funds for the cause! Patient Aid 2022 will be held at our storefront on Saturday, August 20th, from 12:00 - 5:00 PM. There will be snacks, live music, raffles, and educational speakers on the topic of using plants as medicine. 


If you would prefer to donate directly to CMMNJ on their website, you can do so by following this link ->


All donations both big and small are appreciated greatly! If you want to receive a tax form to document the donation for future tax purposes, we can help! Just leave a purchase note when making the donation on our site, and we will be glad to send a form over to you.

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