AC infinity Window Duct Kit

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  • AC infinity Window Duct Kit
  • AC infinity Window Duct Kit
  • AC infinity Window Duct Kit
  • AC infinity Window Duct Kit
  • AC infinity Window Duct Kit
  • AC infinity Window Duct Kit


  • A duct window kit designed to pair with inline fans for ventilation to the outside environment.
  • Constructed for exhaust and intake purposes to help effectively expel odors and draw in fresh air.
  • Adjustable rail can extend to adaptively fit vertically or horizontally in windows and sliding doors.
  • Durable frame crafted to block debris from entering your home and handle harsh weather conditions.
  • Fits 4/6” ducting and most 5.1/5.9” hoses for use with AC units, dryers, and growing equipment.


A window vent kit designed to assist inline fans in effectively ventilating air to the outside environment. Capable of assisting exhaust and intake functions, this kit efficiently supports the removal of stale air and influx of fresh outside air. The sliding track plates effortlessly extend for vertical or horizontal installation to comfortably fit most window sizes as well as sliding doors. Built for durability, the heavy-duty frame is constructed to withstand debris and varying environmental conditions for year-round protection. Multiple duct adapters can effectively fasten onto the highly compatible base coupler to smoothly pair with industry standard ducting and air conditioning hoses.


This ventilation kit fits securely within window frames and sliding glass doors to intake and exhaust air from inline fans, portable air conditioners, dryers, and more in grow tents, homes, offices, and rec rooms. The base coupler and two included adapters are built to connect to 4” and 6” ducting, as well as 5.1” and counterclockwise 5.9” AC hoses in HVAC and growing setups.

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