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The average age of an American farmer is 58. In 10-20 years when they retire who will replace them?


It is necessary to address the issues of preparing our upcoming generations to be responsible farmers. It’s why we’ve never turned down a teacher who asks for help. We’ve learned that most teachers are paying out of pocket to teach hydroponics to their students. So we walk them through the process and donate/discount them heavily to support the cause. We’ve even helped some teachers get grants so they can acquire funding for their classroom. We’ve donated and installed hydroponic systems in local elementary schools, high schools, and Brookdale Community College. 

We are dedicated to helping others, which is why our slogan is “we help you grow.” We may not always be able to donate products but we will make time to aid those in need. Just one reason why so many of our customers are happy to call themselves a part of our “Growing Family.” We advocate sharing information with those in our community. This way we all grow together, raising the bar for everyone.  

Fundraising events, foodbanks, and community gardens. This day and age talk is cheap, so scroll to see what we’re doing for the community.

Every summer we host Patient Aid, a fundraiser for the Coalition of Medical Marijuana in New Jersey. Ken Wolski has led this organization for years and we’re honored to say that our fundraiser was the most successful he’d ever experienced. Ken was a veteran on the front lines fighting for patients rights before it was all popular and before cannabis was considered an industry. His knowledge is immense and his heart is even bigger. That’s why we support him and his cause.


We raised $2,000 in the second annual Patient Aid. That’s an 233% increase from last years donated total of $600. THANK YOU EVERYONE THAT HELPED MAKE 2020 SO SUCCESSFUL.


we help the community grow 

<Patient prizes 

“With your help we’re honored to say that our fundraiser was the most successful the CMMNJ had ever experienced.”

Other guest speakers like RxMaryjade educated the patients in the crowd on how to properly medicate through the various forms.

Always gotta give a special shoutout to Dubstep from Asbury Park for donating their set for the event. They rocked the event all day.

We’ve donated cash as well as gardening supplies to FulFill of Monmouth County. Their community garden is vital in enhancing their own outreach programs.


Aside from physical donations we also donate consultation to help Fulfill manage their gardens.


NASA FUNDED stem research project at Brookdale  Community college

We helped students throughout the entire experiment. 

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Soil vs Hydroponics vs High Pressure Aeroponics

With high pressure aero being the main way of growing plants in space we thought it was only appropriate to do a comparison grow to see the differences between the three styles of growing. We compared surface area measurements, growth rates, energy consumption, and even water consumption to really break it down. 

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