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 This is our guide for newbies that want to learn exactly how to install and calibrate blumats. Or just homies interested in what they have to offer.

What do they do?


Tropf-Blumat is an automatic watering system for plants all around the house. From flowering plants to your own vegetables, Tropf-Blumat is a needs-based system – watering only occurs when necessary.

Needs-based & economical With Tropf-Blumat, every single plant is individually watered. That’s good news for the plants and also reduces water consumption. More flowers, more fruits, you will notice the difference.

Convenient Tropf-Blumat reliably takes care of the daily watering for you. You can also go on vacation with an easy mind at any time as Tropf-Blumat works all year round.

Simple & flexible Tropf-Blumat consists of just a few components and can be installed without any tools. You can change your system at any time and extend it to up to 500 watering points.

Smart without electricity Tropf-Blumat works completely without electricity or water computer.

  • No mains connection
  • No changing of batteries
  • No complex programming

The clay cone thinks for you.

Natural watering

The water is released slowly and in doses. Consequently, plants always receive tempered water and healthy and lush growth is the result.



How to Install

Step by Step Breakdown

(See Videos Below for visual breakdown)

1. Choose your water source

You can use a resevior (gravity feed), water spigot (pressure from house) or a water pump. To supply water to the blumats.

2. Prep Blumats for install

The Tropf-Blumat must be completely filled with water. To do this, unscrew the green watering head and screw it together again under water.

Now that the Tropf-Blumat is filled with water and screwed back together, leave it in the water for at least 15 minutes.

3. Insert the Blumat into soil.

BUT FIRST Water the soil several times before fitting the sensors!

Place one Tropf-Blumat into the moist soil for each plant, pushing it down to the depth indicated. The drip tube must protrude about 8 cm (3 inches.)

4. Connect the Water Source Line

Cut suitable pieces off the feeding tube and connect the tube with T-pieces. Attach an end-piece to the end of the system. Do not use any lubricants (grease, soap, etc.) when pushing on the pieces!

Close the adjustment screw at every Tropf-Blumat and then turn on the tap. There shouldn’t be any dripping anywhere in the system.

5. “Positioning” the Blumats

A. Begin by positioning the last Tropf-Blumat of the system as this evacuates the air from the feeding tube. Open the adjustment screw by turning it anticlockwise. Water now runs out of the drip tube.

B.Then close the adjustment screw again, turning it slowly clockwise until the dripping stops. There should be just one drop left hanging at the end of the tube.

C.Then turn the adjustment screw another 1/4 turn tighter (another 2 marking arrows)

  • Repeat this adjustment for every individual Tropf-Blumat.

Your watering system is now ready to use. To start with, the Tropf-Blumat will not release any water because the soil is still damp. As soon as the soil becomes dry, the watering will begin automatically.

5. Checks

After installation, check the water discharge for about 1-2 weeks and, if necessary, adjust the system settings by opening (= more water) or closing (= less water). Be gentle because the Tropf-Blumat is sensitive. In most cases the setting will only need to be adjusted by 1/2 a marking arrow.



Video Series Step 1

Conditioning Blumats


Video Series Step 2

Installing and Fine-tuning Blumats


Video Series Step 3

 Installing and Fine-tuning Blumats Part 2

That should cover installing and calibration Blumats. We strongly suggest seeing the below in depth guides below. All the nuances tips/tricks and bigginer mistakes are listed there. Check out our IGTV for the 2 hour grower circle session we did with Blumats for even more information.

In depth-Guides

Planning Aid below is to help you understand the emitter to pot size ratio. 

Guide to Troph-Blumats that covers gravity feeding, pressure, and blusoak systems,

5 Begginer Mistakes when using Blumat Systems


Blumat Trouble Shooting & Operational Tips and tricks


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