From research facilities to small starter farms.

When it comes to commercial agriculture we already learned the hard so you don’t have to.


This family operated farm sells high quality produce grown hydroponically in their gorgeous greenhouse. Recently they’ve even added a juice bar! We consult with them during times of struggle. They also offer farm to table dinners that are to die for! 

International Flavors and Fragrance’s Research facility where they grow and harvest natural oils and turn them into scents and flavors to mass produce. We help them grow the best oil profiles through experimentation with different grow styles and nutrient formulas. 

 One of the original 7 alternative care centers in New Jersey, providing relief to Medical Marijuana patients.  We supply them with bulk materials like soil, lights, and nutrients. We also custom build commercial tools that help them streamline production.



Opened on Atkins Avenue in Asbury Park in 2015. The social enterprise provides on-site job training, educational programs and free fresh produce to neighbors in need. The team also transforms vacant lots into urban farms and manages a hydroponic greenhouse. Their hydroponic produce is sold to local restaurants. Kula Farms

We do our microgreens class here every few months or so.


Primarily an animal sanctuary, we’ve been helping this farm set up their aquaponic greenhouse. They want to raise and sell vegetables to gain income for the expensive task of feeding all the animals. Happy Animal Sanctuary

Geoponica Greens.png

Desmond was one of the first commercial microgreen farmers to approach us. We’ve walked him through all the steps of starting a commercial farm down to designing his modular microgreen racking system. Geoponoica Greens

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